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The new version of Porcupine Tree's website is now online, with a player on the index page including the audio of Time Flies, the video for Harmony Korine, Way Out Of Here live footage from the forthcoming DVD due out in Spring 2010 and more. There's also new promotional photos and The Incident themed wallpapers available as well.

Go to to check that out.

A week or so back, Porcupine Tree's MySpace underwent a revamp as well, including new images and a more extensive tour listing. There is also a banner up top advertising the new album with a link that will take you to the page to order it. If you haven't got your copy, get yours now!

New Porcupine Tree merch available at now! New shirt designs for The Incident are featured, as well as a hoodie, an exclusive online only denim jacket and some reprints of older shirts as well. You can find other collectibles such as a coffee mug or even a window decal under the appropriate sections. The items that do not say online exclusive WILL be made available at the merch stands at all Porcupine Tree concerts.

Live to the west of the Atlantic Ocean and sick of International Shipping? Porcupine Tree now have a US/Canada/South America store handle!
No music sales are presently supported at this store. Refer to or Amazon for your music fix!

Get ready USA, the first show is just days away!
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I absolutely loved the FOBP layout at their website, so Im sad to see it go. But Im loving the new player at the site. I will watch all the vids obsessively now, lmao. Im yet to check out their pics/wallpapers.

The new merchandise is cool. Im so getting the Black Dahlia shirt and the hoodie. :D

I noticed the changes on their MySpace page a week ago. Looks good.

YAY for USA. You lucky lucky people! :P

Thanks for the news. <3