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The political bit...

Now, I haven't heard FoaPB yet, but there's been some things that have been bothering me about how PT is going about marketing it. Granted that music is brilliant, and although I haven't heard any of it (as I wait for Newbury Comics to get their act in gear), I'm curious about the blatant political nature of their latest.

Both the video, artwork and website all depict images of 'corrupted' individuals who have been (somewhat) conditioned by the media, and have consequently become mindless and destructive individuals. My depiction may be harsh, but that's the air I feel it projects. So does anyone else think it's a bad thing?

Personally, I'm slightly disappointed that SW has made political commentary that has been made since the 70s. Granted, works off of Signify and In Absentia has political content, but FoaPB seems... well, cheesy. The "oh, let's run from the media" and "we're all doomed" ethos that's embedded in the lyrics of FoaPB has been made by so pop stars, celebs and whatnot, that it just seems silly in a PT context.

A lot of people on the PT board keep mentioning that it's great to "finally" hear someone say something like this, but come on, this concept has been flogged to death, over and over. And the only difference I can spot - not counting the music, simply the lyrics - is that Lasse Hoile has done some disturbing artwork to reinforce the message.

So I'm relieved that the rest of FoaPB is less political, but I find this very half-assed for PT. What do you all think?
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