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lightbulb_dream's Journal

The Porcupine Tree community
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All Members , Moderated
This community is dedicated to information and discussion about the band Porcupine Tree.

Rules (subject to change):
1. Please try to make your posts relevant to Porcupine Tree, side projects and any related bands
2. If you want to promote another community, please consult with me before advertising and i will decide whether it is appropriate or not.
3. Please refrain from shameless self-promotion. See rule #1.
4. Refrain from flaming. We're all civilized human beings, united by our appreciation of Porcupine Tree. Any and all uncalled for flames will be handled properly. Upon first offense, you will receive a warning, and will be removed from the community upon a second offense.
5. If you share any mp3's, videos, tabs, or anything else you might think we would like, everyone is happier.

Thank you and enjoy yourself here,


This community is currently owned and moderated by caryonwywrd2112.